Repair outlook 2007 personal folders and recover your important data

Microsoft outlook 2007 is new version of Outlook. It has several types of features which you will not found in the previous version of outlook. As like older versions, Microsoft Outlook 2007 also stores its all data such as mailbox files, email folders, contacts or other types of data in PST file which is also known as the personal folder. But many times while using outlook 2007 you will notice that outlook is running very slowly and sometimes you may also receive error message related to personal folder or PST file. After that all data which is stored in Microsoft outlook personal folder becomes inaccessible. In-order to access those data which is stored in the personal folder you have to repair outlook 2007 personal folders.

There are several reasons due to which the Microsoft outlook personal folders get corrupted or damaged some of the reasons is written below.

Reasons of outlook 2007 Personal folder corruption:

  • Data Storage Device Failure

  • Faulty Networking Device

  • Power Failure or abrupt system shutdown

  • Due to the file system failure

  • Virus or spywares infection can also corrupt or damage the outlook personal folder

  • If you have terminated Microsoft outlook 2007 abnormally then it may also damage the personal folder.

  • Deficiencies in Outlook program

How to repair outlook 2007 personal folders:

In-order to repair outlook 2007 personal folder you can use the in-built inbox repair tool which is also known as the scanpst.exe. The scanpst.exe utility is included by default with Outlook 2007. If you want to repair the damaged personal folder then you have to find this utility from its default location. The default location of scnapst.exe in Microsoft outlook 2007 is

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\scanpst.exe

Go to above location and launch scanpst.exe. After that click on the browse button to select the damaged PST file. After that click on the start button to start scan when scanning will be completed after that click on the repair button to repair outlook 2007 personal folders. In-case, if you are unable to find the inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe at it’s default location then you can download PST repair software by which you can easily repair outlook 2007 PST file or damaged personal folder or Microsoft Outlook 2007.