Fix Outlook 2007 not responding error and access your valuable data

Almost every outlook 2007 users encounters outlook 2007 not responding error while working with it. It is a very common error. But the main problem is that it creates lots of trouble for outlook users. Consider a scenario you launched Microsoft outlook 2007 to retrieve some important data from it. But instead of starting some error message pops up on the computer screen which is similar to below written error message:

  • "A data file did not close properly the last time it was used and is being checked for problems. Performance might be affected while the check is in progress."

After this error mesasge you may also encoutner some another error message which may appear on the computer system tray which is written below:

  • “outlook 2007 not responding”. If you are using an Exchange server e-mail account, you can cancel pending server requestes by clicking the outlook icon in the notifications area, and then clicking cancel server request on the shrcut menu.

After this error message outlook stops working and all data which is stored in it becomes inaccessible. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this problem then you have to perform some steps. But before this take a look on what are the reasons behind this error.

Causes of Outlook 2007 not responding error:

  • Improper system shutdown: if your computer is accidently shutdown while outlook 2007 is running then it may cause this error
  • corrupted or damaged outlook 2007 PST(.pst) file

How to fix outlook 2007 not responding error:

In-order to fix this issue you have to perform some steps. First of all press ctrl, alt and delete. when windows task manager comes up on the computer screen then go to the process and find outlook.exe in the list. When you found the outlook.exe then select it and click on the end process button. If this methods fails to fix this issue then try other, go to start and click on programs then microsoft office and select office tools after that click on the applicaotin recovery option. Now select outlook in the dialog and choose end application. If these two steps fails to fix outlook 2007 not responding issue then it indicates that there is something wrong with the .pst file. In this situation you need to fix scanpst.exe by the help of in-built scanpst.exe which is also known as the inbox repair tool. In case if you are unable to find or if in-built scanpst.exe tool is unable to fix this issue then there is only way to fix this issue is to use third party outlook pst repair tool. This tool is able to fix every type of problem which is related outlook 2007. Therefore don't waste your time and just use this tool and get rid of this issue.