Fix Outlook 2007 freezes issue

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a new version of Microsoft outlook which is used by so many people all around the world. Outlook 2007 has several features which you will not found in the older version. Apart from this Microsoft outlook 2007 provides safe and secure platform for transferring e-mails based service. You can send your private mails without any problem because it is absolutely secure. Although outlook 2007 is secure and reliable but sometimes you may encounter problem like outlook 2007 freezes and after that it prevents you from doing another work.

There are several reasons due to which outlook starts freezing. Some of the main causes are written below:

Outlook 2007 freezes main causes:

  • Installed different kinds of Add-Ins

  • Corrupted or damages PST(Personal Storage Table) file

  • Virus, Trojan or malware infections

  • Network related problems

  • Corrupted or damaged registry files

  • Outdated Microsoft outlook 2007

If Microsoft outlook 2007 application is not installed correctly then it may also cause this problem and when you try to start it then Outlook 2007 freezes and it may also possible that you may receive some error message on your computer screen.

How to fix Outlook 2007 freezes issue:

If you want to get rid of this problem then for this you need to follow some steps. First of all check your network connection setting and mention it properly. Disable RSS feeds. If you are not using the RSS feeds then remove it. Disable outlook add-ins. If outlook 2007 PST file size is larger then split it into small parts. After performing these all steps restart outlook 2007. If Outlook 2007 still freezes then it indicates there is something wrong with the outlook PST file. If Outlook PST file is corrupted then in this case you need to repair it. Therefore use third party outlook PST repair tool and repair outlook 2007 PST file.