Outlook 2007 AutoArchive Not Working: Know how to resolve this issue

Outlook 2007 auto archive not working and outlook 2007 AutoArchive feature do not archive as expected. If you are encountering these problems in your outlook application then know how to resolve it. Microsoft outlook 2007 has an feature known as archive and AutoArchive. The Archive feature allows users to manually move old items to a holding/storage file by selecting Archive choice on file menu. Apart from this by the help of AutoArchive feature old items of outlook 2007 is automatically transferred into a storage file.

To utilize this property of outlook 2007 you have to specify the old items date and age. When the old items of outlook 2007 reaches the age that you have specified then the old files are automatically transferred. The AutoArchive option has a two-step procedure. First of all you need to turn on the AutoArchive property. Second, you have to set the properties for the AutoArchive feature for every folder that you want archived.

The main problem is that sometimes outlook 2007 AutoArchive feature do not work properly. It is a common problem that when users uses the Archive or AutoArchive features in Outlook 2007 then items do not archive as expected.Sometime instant search of outlook 2007 is not working error persists whcih make all thing inaccessible for user.Do you want to get rid of outlook 2007 AutoArchive not working problem. If yes then you are at the right place here you will get all information and solution of this problem.

Causes of outlook 2007 auto archive not working issue:

  • Outlook does not archive as expected because the date that is used to determine when an item is archived depends on the type of item. Such as for E-mail message (The sent or received date, whichever is later; or the last modification date and time.)

  • For Appointment (The appointment date or the last modification date and time, whichever is later.) and so on...

Many times it happens with Outlook users that problem perists which is not relate to it like address book error 0X80190194 of outlook 2007. This type of eror is really irritiating and frustrating situation for Window user.

How to resolve outlook 2007 auto archive not working issue :

To fix this problem you need to change AutoArchive or Archive settings. To do so try he below mentioned methods. First of all go to the AutoArchive settings. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 and click on Tools after that Options after that Other tab now click on the AutoArchive button and change the AutoArchive settings as your requirement. These steps may fix outlook 2007 auto archive not working issue.It also helps users to get rid of responding error of outlook 2007 and help to access valuable data . After this the problem of lookout failed to start outlook 2007 can be easily resolved.For more information and solution of this issue you can see http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=260217.