Guide to Resolve Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash

Reading Pane is a quite useful as well as an amazing feature of MS Outlook 2007 which enables the user to view the emails without opening them. This feature proves to be more beneficial and helpful for the user in such a case when there are a lot of email messages in the Outlook inbox and the user has to quickly browse through the emails. Despite of the benefits, Reading Pane of Outlook 2007 can cause serious problems for the users sometimes which is Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem. Though, it is a common problem and users using Outlook commonly face this issue. But Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash becomes serious when it causes PST crash in the application.

You can reckon a practical scenario to better understand the issue. Consider that you are having Outlook 2007 as email client on Windows XP system. Whenever you try to open any mail, the application behaves abruptly and exits. Hence, you become unable to even delete the mail because you are unable to open the email and access it.


Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem mainly occurs due to corruption or damaging of a PST file of the contemporary Outlook profile and size exceeds limit error occur. In such a problem, the application becomes unable to display the reading pane for the mail which happens if the message resides at the top of a selected folder. Secondly, corruption in the PST file due to application malfunction, virus attack, improper shutdown of the operating system or Outlook application, etc can also make the Reading Pane to behave abruptly or get crashed.

As this problem causes PST crash the it is quite sure that it can lead to data loss problem in the application. Hence, it is very important to resolve Outlook 2007 business contact manager and Reading Pane Crash to prevent its hazardous consequences.


To get rid from the problem, you are required to delete the emails. To do so, you have to access the application in safe mode and disable the Reading Pane option. If the problem persists, you can opt for Outlook inbox repair tool to resolve the attachment corruption in MS Outlook. This would definitely resolve the problem. But in case, you fail in doing so, you can opt for third party application to repair outlook 2007 andOutlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem. This tool also helps users to resolve the problem of outlook auotarchieve 2007.