Fix instant search not working outlook 2007 error

Are you facing any type of problem with your Microsoft Outlook 2007 application. Are you looking for the solution of instant search not working outlook 2007 problem? If your answer is yes, then first of all do not panic!! here you will get appropriate solution on this problem. Basically it is a common error of Microsoft outlook 2007. In most of the cases when users try to search some data or items in outlook 2007 using instant search option then it does not find any thing . Consider a scenario you have entered some important file name or items names in outlook instant search option and when you pressed the enter button then it comes up with no results or records. What will you do in this situation.

Apart from this sometimes outlook users encounter error message on the computer screen when they try to search some items using the instant search option in Microsoft outlook 2007 application. The error may be similar to below written error message:

  • "No matches found for 'search word'".

Instant search not working outlook 2007 issue creates lots of trouble for outlook users because they do not find their important documents and files quickly.

Causes of instant search not working outlook 2007 error:

  • The indexing of your data files might not be absolute.

  • You are searching for messages that are clear-signed (a method of encryption) and you are searching in either a Personal Folders file (.pst) or Offload Folder files (.ost) file for these items.

  • This error may be caused due to corrupted or damaged outlook pst file

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  • It may also possible that this error may be caused due to some of the important tool of MS outlook 2007 application do not installed correctly.

How to fix instant search not working outlook 2007 error

In-order to fix this issue you need to perform some steps which is advised here. First of all close all running application/ programs and open Microsoft outlook 2007 and go to Tools and then choose instant Search after that select the Search Options and un-check the box for your In-box and press the OK button. Now you have to re-open the Search Options windows after that check the box for your In-box. After this now go to the control panel and search Indexing Options. When you found it then open Indexing Options and under Microsoft Office Outlook, you have to single click on your account and then you have to click on the Advance button .

Now in the Advance Options window click on the Rebuild index button and then click OK to rebuild the index. After this you have to open Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel and then click on Microsoft Office Professional and then click on Change and select repair. These steps may fix instant search is not working. But after applying these all steps if you are still getting the same error then it may possible that it is causing due to corrupted or damaged PST and not responding error message which appears in Outlook 2007. In this case use third party outlook PST repair tool and fix corrupted PST file. This will help to solve the outlook 2007 lookout failed to start application problem.