Resolve attachment size exceeds the allowable limit error of Outlook 2007

Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit error generally takes place in Microsoft Outlook 2007 when users try to add a large attachment to an email message. Are you getting this error message? If yes then know how to fix it. As you know outlook 2007 is one of the best e-mail client application which is used by so many computers users all around the world. But sometimes due unexpected reasons it creates lots of trouble like Outlook 2007 instant search is not working and more simlar to its. Above written error is one of them which does not allow outlook 2007 users to add attachment to email. But do not panic!! you can easily get rid of it.

There are several reasons behind this error but some of the main causes are written below:

Causes of attachment size exceeds the allowable limit error:

  • The main reasons behind this error message is that Outlook 2007 has default attachment size limit of 20 MB for Internet email accounts.

  • If you are using Exchange Server mailbox then you may also receive this error because it allows maximum attachment 10MB.

Sometimes it happen with Outlook users that some erors occur auto archieve of outlook 2007 is not working , unknown error and outlook 2007 address book error 0X80190194 has been encounter due to which problem has been generated.So to get rid from this issue it is suggeste to resolv it.

How to fix attachment size exceeds the allowable limit error:

If you want to fix this error then you need to perform some steps which is advised here. If you perform these steps correctly then it may fix this issue completely from the Microsoft outlook 2007. First of all close all running programs. To fix this issue you have to modify the registry file therefore modify the registry file correctly. Modifying the registry file may solve attachment size exceeds the limit error of outlook 2007. But keep one thing in mind that registry file is one of the most important file of windows based operating system therefore backup the registry before you modify it and also fix not responding error of outlook 2007 and access outlook data . If you know how to restore the registry file then try it. Otherwise contact to some well-known person who know everything about the registry file. For more information on this issue you can see the Microsoft official site .