Resolving Attachment Corruption In MS Outlook

MS Outlook 2007 is a widely used personal information managing application which offers various advanced features like calendar, emails, notes, tasks, contacts and journal management. Integrated in the Microsoft Office Suite, this email client allows the user to send as well as receive files as an attachment along with the mails.It is also known as business contact manager application. You can use this application for sending documents, spreadsheets, database files, songs, presentations, zip files using Outlook. But sometimes, this utile feature of this application causes serious problems for a user mainly in cases of attachment corruption in Outlook. This problem can cause a severe data loss scenario for the user which can require to repair outlook 2007 to fix the problem.

In a practical scenario, when you try to open an attachment in MS Outlook, you fail in doing so. Even the application does not takes any action after clicking on the attachment and selecting the Open option for viewing the file. An another option which displays on clicking on the attachment is Save. Although, you can save the file, but when you try to open the file you can not see any type of message or formatting in it. Instead, it appears as a hex code for the document of Windows and different type of error message starts persisting on Window system like Outlook 2007 application instant search is not working.


The problem of attachment corruption in Outlook occurs mostly due to the corruption or damaging of the .msg file or attachment. There can be a list of causes for the corruption of attachment in Outlook email client. Some of them are, network problems, virus attack, unsupported file format, damaging of the file header, any sort of interruption during the process of PST file compaction.

Despite of the causes, it is most important to consider about the critical data. As the data stored in the attached file can not be accessed due to corruption and it can put you in various problems. If the corrupt Outlook attachment is important for the user, then it is very important to repair the file and retrieve data from it.


You can opt for the inbox repair tool to fix the problem. This inbuilt utility of Outlook is proficient for resolving PST or Outlook inbox corruption issues. But in cases like when attcahment size exceeds the allowable limit of 2007 application and of severe corruption , this tool fails. In such a scenario, you can opt for PST repair software to repair Outlook 2007 email attachments. Hence, with this tool, you can fix the problem of in a much easier way and recover the data from it. It the Auto archieve of outlook 2007 is not working then, with the help of this application it can easily solved.